Thursday, January 3, 2013

Northern Red Cardinal

     Wow, do I love my new camera!  It has been set up in the dining room for the past several days, very much in the way I might add.  Tim and I have created a "studio" outside on the lanai including a bird feeder and a strategically placed branch attached to the fence serving as a perch.  Ten pounds of bird seed sounds about right.....or not!  They are little pigs!  They stay until the feeder is empty!
     Our backyard quickly became the hot spot for several birds.  Some I had seen before, some were new to me.  With a beautiful palm tree as a backdrop, it was time to take some pictures.  The following is a familiar bird to most:  the Northern Red Cardinal.

I see you!

Singing in the sunlight, I'm singing in the sunlight!

Just what do you think you are looking at?

Little did I know, he was checking out a nearby female Northern Red Cardinal.

More backyard birds to come. Thanks for following!

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