Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Black-Crowned Night-Heron

Okay, this guy is just cool.  This Black-Crowned Night-Heron was hanging out at the marsh I found myself at two weekends ago.  This is my new favorite place to shoot because it has a wide variety of birds and a great background.

This is a typical adult during breeding season.  The white plumage coming from the head indicates the breeding season and tends to be longer in males.  Based on the size of this guys plumage, I would say it is a male.  I followed him for quite some time and managed to get a picture with his tongue out!  After a while, he ended up flying across a pound in a tree:

To give you an idea the difference a flash can make, below is one of the only pictures I took with a flash. Take note of the color you get in the bird as well as the color in the sky as compared to the picture above.

This guy was not alone at the marsh, though. An immature Black-Crowned Night-Heron was never too far away:

Stay tuned for the Common Waxbill in the next few days. As always, thanks for following!

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