Thursday, May 24, 2012

Showing Some Personality

This is probably the blog I have been most excited about writing.  As I have been reading books on bird/nature photography, they stress watching the bird and trying to capture their personality.  This also means studying your subject before you go out and take pictures.  Knowing how they fish, you they move, knowing their tendencies, all of which you can easily find by doing a little research.  So, after watching these birds for a while I started picking on their personalities.  These do make some of the funniest pictures for sure!!

Tricolored Heron:  This guy had gotten into the catnip!!  He was running around, or prancing around, trying to find some fish.  He was not very successful though and he was getting really wet in the meantime.  So after dreadfully missing a fish, he shook out his feathers and then started again.

Black Skimmer:  These were really hard to take pictures of.  There were so many of them and I was having trouble creating a picture that would be appealing to the eye.  This guy in front seemed to be getting a little tired of posing!! 

Brown Pelican:  Yeah, I do not know.  Hope he got the fish!!

And then there is this Little Egret.  I stayed with him for a long time and he did not disappoint.  There were a few moments when I thought he actually was putting on a show for the camera.

I have....a scratch!

Wow that felt good!!

Singing in the rain.....I'm singing in the rain!

You can't see me!!


What are you looking at?

Too funny!!!  Thanks for following!!

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