Monday, May 7, 2012

Adding A Little Drama With The Sun

This is always fun to do.  I have been learning over the past few months that taking a picture is sometimes not enough.  You have to pay attention to the background, sun angle, proper lighting, time of day etc., which all contributes to the drama of the picture.  So when I am giving these opportunities I do everything I can to take advantage of it.

Our first night at Estero Bay was used mainly to scout out the area.  We went to a couple of places but ended up at the beach about a mile from the hotel.  As the sun set, I almost forgot to take pictures because it was so beautiful.  The color of the sky was so intense that it became breath taking.  But in the midst of my amazement, I managed to capture a couple of pictures.

After these, I knew we had to get up early in the morning and try this again.  And I have to say, the sunrise did not disappoint!!

SOOOO much more to come!!  Stay tuned.

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