Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I really was just minding my own business. Sitting there, taking pictures at the men's basketball game against Gardner Webb. Then all of a sudden, Gardner Webb steals the ball, he breaks away, two CSU athletes chasing him, he takes off from the free throw line, preparing for a dunk....

#0 is close behind him and manages to get a hand on the ball. He emphatically blocks the ball....

The crowd erupts as the ball goes sailing out of bounds....but wait....that looks rather close. Is that ball coming at me????

And that was the last picture that lens would take that night. Apparently lenses are not made to withstand #0 (Harper) enthusiasm. I sheepishly walked towards the corner of the gym to assess the damage, praying the entire way it was just the lens. I was really upset by the whole ordeal but Tim's reaction was not what I expected (I should have known better :)). I told him the story and he actually started to grin, quickly asking the question "does this mean we get to buy a new lens??" So needless to say our new lens (costing about 10x more than the one I broke) was delivered by our friend at UPS only three days later.

I did manage to get a few shots before my lens broke, but I only had 13 keepers. Here are a few:

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