Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Taking My Photography to School

Ok, so I am not going to school for photography, but after noticing several birds hanging out around my office the past few weeks, I decided I would spend Saturday morning taking pictures around campus. Despite the construction on campus interfering with the background of my pictures......

I think I was pretty successful.

It is a little funny how often I notice birds now. And I seem to always notice unique birds....or at least unique to me having never taken a picture of them. But I did notice on this photo outing, that I have only been taking pictures of larger breads of birds. I have not even tried to capture the beauty of a smaller bird. Well....now I know why. Do you know how fast those things are?!?!?! I managed to get two pictures of a blue jay but this was out of 20 or so pictures of blurred, blank, or half a bird pictures! :)

It sure is a lot of fun though. Till next time, thanks for following!!

1 comment:

  1. Nice pictures Sam. You and Tim are so talented, who knew? Love you, Teresa