Saturday, February 25, 2012

New Places, New Faces

Tim has rented some new equipment for the weekend so we went out this morning to try out the equipment with a little bird photography. We went to one new place I had been keeping an eye on, but at high tide, there is really not much activity. So we went to old faithful, Bushy Park, only to find the same fate there. After about 20 minutes in the car, I was ready for a nap (mono is really kicking my butt) so we decided to head home. Shortly after our departure, Tim realized that probably one of the best places to take photos was right under our nose. We pass it every time on the way to Bushy Park and we have run by it!! Why had we never thought of this place before?? And we were not disappointed. Although, I have to say, I still have a lot to learn. I took a lot of pictures but not many were keepers. But after seeing what this place has to offer, I will have plenty of time to practice. Here are a few of my favorites:

The White Ibis

The Great Blue Heron

The Anhinga

The interesting thing about the Anhinga is that it does not have oil glands to help shed the water away. Therefore, when it gets out of the water, it must spread its wings and literally air dry! :)

The American Coot

And finally the Red-tailed Hawk. I had a terrible time trying to get a great picture of him even though he gave me several chances. This would have been a great time to know all the ins and outs of my camera so I could have figured out why my pictures where not coming out correctly. Well, you live and learn. I know where he lives :)

I officially have a new favorite place. I will keep you posted!!! Thanks for following!

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