Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Unstable Surfaces

Tim and I were invited out on the boat Sunday for a leisure cruise around the Charleston Harbor. It was such a beautiful day but boy was it cold. Out on the water, with temperatures in the 50's was a bit much for me but Tim made sure I had plenty of layers to keep me warm. For the past couple of weeks, my camera has not been getting much use so I was excited for the another great opportunity to get some unique pictures. The day did not disappoint. I had several opportunities for close encounters with several birds and the scenery was great as well. Although, being on a boat provided an extra challenge by having an ever changing environment under my feet. But I was ready for the challenge. Here are a few of my best:

And this could be my most favorite picture that I have EVER taken:

After we left the pack of birds, I started thinking about the photo contest I would like to enter. The theme of the contest is "Angles and Shapes." Not a lot of these out on the open water so I started taking pictures of things a little closer to me and I have to say I like what I came up with:

But I think the winner will be entitled "Stars and Stripes":

Overall, it was a great afternoon sail and catching up with friends. Stay tuned for our next big adventure!!