Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nature's Choice

After listening to a PodCast yesterday about getting off the couch and taking pictures, I decided to go take pictures this morning. Well, if we are being honest, Tim got up to take pictures, leaving me at the house, twirling my hair, and I felt guilty so I went to take pictures. I have been twice to this particular location but due to the amount of people I have decided that a "drive-by" was better then getting out of the truck to get quality pictures so I would return empty-handed. But not today. I was going to this spot and taking pictures!!!! It was early morning and the sky did not look too promising. But by the time I got there, the sky was perfectly unique and the pictures really got me excited. Here are a few of my favorite:

I have to say, it is mornings like this that I really do like photography and really get excited about the possibilities of it all. Although I am not all about buying a lens for bird photography (that Tim has priced at $8,000), I could get used to taking pictures of birds and/or nature in general. And it is kinda like sports photography....there was a moment when I was doing the whole rapid fire shooting trying to get the perfect picture of the birds in front of the sun! :)

Overall, it was a great experience and I had a great time. I could not wait to get the pictures back home and on the computer. This genre I will be revisiting in the near future I am sure!!

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