Friday, December 23, 2011

Nature Puts Up a Fight

Let me tell you how excited I was to get up and go take pictures this morning! No sarcasm, just genuinely excited to go back to my new found "spot" and take pictures again. But this time I was taking the big lens with me and Tim for support! :) We actually set the alarm clock to make sure we made it before the scheduled 7:22 am sunrise.

We get to the "spot" well before the sun is to come up so we can scout out the best possible positions, which I took my place at the end of the dock so I had a better chance of getting any birds flying in. And then we waited....

and waited....

sun about to come up....and very few birds coming my way. Only two days ago this spot was littered with birds and now...barely any. Grrrrrr.....I even had the big lens!!!! Trying not to get down on myself and discouraged before the sun even came up, I positioned myself to take pictures of the sunrise, knowing the birds would show up. Nope! I got one good shot at a bird and I missed it:

It was a great sunrise and I managed to get some silhouette of birds but nothing fancy.

I left the "spot" with a new found respect of nature. Apparently, nature only goes on display on Tuesdays! Have no fear, the excitement is still there and I will be back next Tuesday! :)

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