Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thanks for Visiting

One morning in early February, I was driving into work around 7 am and I saw one of the professors on campus behind the field house looking through binoculars. This is not something I see everyday, or ever, so as I was walking past him I smiled and asked "Are you looking for anything in particular?" He had a big smile on his face and he said "Yes! There is a goose on our campus that has never been spotted in the state of South Carolina. I think he was separated from the flock while he was migrating from Mexico to Canada and he ended up here!" Rare goose....never seen in the state have my attention. He explained he had not seen the goose for a few days but he was certain the goose would stick around for a while. After quickly explaining my new found hobby of bird photography, I asked if he would email me a picture of the goose and if I saw him, I would take some pictures for him.
From that day on, I brought my camera to work with me everyday and would walk around campus when I had the chance to look for him. A week and a half had gone by and there was no sign of the goose, and with a defeated attitude, I stopped bringing my camera to work. Well of course, who would decide to show up when I did not have my camera...that's right. The Greater White-Fronted Goose from Canada. I quickly jumped out of my truck and took a picture with my iPhone. It is no Canon T2i but it can sure take a good picture. I drove as fast as I could home to grab my camera and raced back to school. I don't know why I thought he would sit still...I mean, I just want a picture goose, sit....stay....wait for me to get back!! He did not. I spent about 1.5 hours walking around with no goose in site. So I jumped in the truck and decided to call it a day. But wouldn't you know it, behind a tree in the middle of campus I see him. I park illegally (the sign of a true photographer....illegal acts make the picture that much better) and ran over to him. Over the next two hours I would follow him around campus and get some great shots of him. Here are a few of my favorite:

I have not seen our friend since this day. I hope he has a great trip back to Canada and manages to find his old friends. Thanks so much for visiting and giving me an opportunity to get some great pictures of you. As soon as you find your way back to Canada let me know and the check will be in the mail!!

Thanks for following!!

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